Thursday, July 13, 2006

Serpentine Gallery

There are a lot of galleries in London. I do not know how many.

One of my favourit galleries is Serpentine Gallery situated in Kensington Garden.
It is a good size to show one exhibition and the environment is nice too - in the park.

I went to Thomas Demand exhibition.
He is very unique in terms of his arts - taking a picture of real-like objects made by him.

Every object such as kitchen tools, chairs, desks, doors and plants looks real from the distance but we can see that they are made from papers and other substances nearby the photos.
These photos made me uncomfortable. Maybe because they are too simple and I did not feel active image from them.

Anyway, it was really interesting.

By the gallery, people were building (or inflating?) a kind of balloon dome.

I heard that it would be a cafe and forum until September.
I would like to visit again when it opens.

Serpentine Gallery web site:

Monday, July 10, 2006

Life in London??

Been busy for studying and packing, I have finally
moved to Richmond in London (Surry?).

The place I live now is located lovely area -
the river in front, the Richmond park in the back.

It is nice to go for a walk along river side, although
I have not done any walking really...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Morning Exercise

At 8.00 a.m. the phone rung. It was a time for a morning walk.

Recently, I and friends have gone for a walk several times.
The weather is getting better and we need some exercise to keep our fits after long long winter.

There is a foot path to a village, half an hour on foot from our accommodation and that is the route we used for the walk. The view is nice - a river, small woods with small wild animals.

In the end of April, the trees were covered with bloom and they made a fabulous flower tunnel. The bloom was white and rather small, but it reminded me of cherry blossoms in Japan.

I feel really refreshed after the walk. Such a lovely morning break♪

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Physical memory...

With an unfamiliar blue screen, it said "physical memory problem" and "shut down Windows".

What happened?

My computer went wrong last week and he is still under the operation. (I called it him because I used it a lot and thinks it as my second partner.) I asked an engineer to check it and actually the computer came back once but had a same problem again (or it could be another problem).

The problem is that I do not understand any computer stuff at all.
If something happens like this time, I am just in panic and do not know what I should do.
It was a miserable moment. I wish I could know more about the computer...

Hope he will come back by the beginning of next week!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Does the distance matter with the relationship?

At this end of the final year, I heard a lovely news that two friends have just had new boyfriends.

The couples, whose natinolities differ each other, will soon separate after their graduation.
Both of them called themselves stupid because they thought they would break up with their boyfriends when their new lives start in different places.

Does the distance matter with the relationship?

I myself have kept a long-distance relationship with my boyfriend for three years.
There are several disadvanteges; long time no see, time differences, and etc.
But I believe that they are only excuses to break up and the real reasons are somehow different.

I broke up with my ex when I and he lived in the cities next to each other. Now I and my boyfriend have been together even though there is a long, long distance (Japan to U.K.).

From my experience, it is possible to keep the relationship as long as the couple can believe each other and keep their main promises. On the other hand, It is possible to break up if the couple cannot believe or understand each other.

But, in fact, many couples have broken up under the circumstance of long distance...
Then, does it suggest that the distance matters?

Anyway it happens no matter what situation you are in.
I only wish good luck on my friends' future***

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Last a couple of days, I stayed up until I saw the sunshine (5.oo a.m) and woke up a few hours later (9.00 a.m at least). And finally I have got a headache because of the insufficient sleeping time.

Fortunately I am still a student and it is on holiday so that I can sleep and recover from the lack soon.

But I am afraid if it happens to me when I start working in a few years... I know many freshers work like that in Japan. Can I work well under such situation? I cannot answer it now... zzz

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Trip to Cornwall 4: the train

St Ives train station was much further from the town than I expected, and sadly it was nearly time for the train to depart. Across a long carpark behind the bus station, I finally arrived at the station and got on the train.

I could not remember how much it is exactly, but I think it was around 2.00 pounds.
Disappointingly the windows on the train were covered by dust and not clear. However the sea was so lovely that I forgot the disappointment.
If someone likes sea, I will recommend to visit there and take the train. The view is extraordinary.

At St Erth station, I changed trains and left for Bath where my friend lives which was my final stop, stooping by Plymouth and Bristol Temple Meads (although I did not take off the train at either stops).

I do not usually travel by train a lot because I believed the train trips in England must be awful, never on time, dirty carriage, and not a good service.

But it was wrong. The service was quite good, especially in the sleeping carriage, and the trains were new and most of the time clean. Still, the trains were not on time, but I had a lovely time on the train. I really enjoyed the passing and changing view of the land.

On my way to Bath, I was thinking that I would recommend the train trip for Cornwall to my friends, with enough time to allow traveling and a bit of patience.

*St Ives Bay Line:
*Trip to Cornwall and Devon :

Trip to Cornwall 3: St Ives

My next stop was St Ives, a small town known for its beautiful sea and seaside.

I took a bus from the Penzance central bus station to St Ives. St Ives is situated in northern part of Cornwall, the other side to Penzance which faced the south sea.
It took more or less 30 minutes and cost 2.80 pounds for a single ride. On the way to St Ives, I saw daffodil fields, hills, and cows which I expected to see in Jersey, smart face and light brown look.

On arriving at the small, but central bus station in St Ives, I walked down to the street leading to the seaside. The sea was so beautiful. The water was clean, transparent and coloured emerald green. I felt like I were in Greek or some Mediterranean seaside.

There was Tate St Ives museum, one of Tate museums, and they showed Turner's masterpieces with south-west (Cornwall) motifs. Many artists were attracted by its beautiful scenery and left great works there. Turner was one of the first people who was charmed by this county, and hundreds years later I saw his paintings and do understand its beauty.

Though I heard the garden in the museum was nice too, I did not have enough time to look at it and ran to catch the rural train running just by the exquisite sea.

*St Ives Tourist Information :
*Tate St Ives :

Animal park

When most lively students have gone somewhere on holidays, the campus becomes a lively place for animals, hares, squirrels, blackbirds, robins, ducks, swans and etc. etc. etc...

I saw baby hares which I was longing to see since last year. They were so tiny and hopped little by little, they moved around only as twice short distance as big ones did. So sweet.

The scene where big and small hares jumped one after another reminded me of my favourit picture book, Guess how much I love you. Did they try to show their feelings assimilated to the length of their hop as the story hares did? Even though the story was fiction, I cannot stop imaging their competition.

*Walker books- Guess how much I love you :